Extreme face lift.

Discover the Royal Elixir Serum with 24K Gold and Alpine Rose.

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Moisturizing and soothing

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We leave traces everywhere

Our boutiques stand out not only in terms of beautiful designer interiors, but also filled with works of art by various artists. Everyone who comes to the boutique soothes the senses, shapes the taste and sense of aesthetics. After comes out with La Vie Skin cosmetics that carefully care for the body and health. This is how we change the quality of life of each of our clients.

Our Awards

Women's Brand Of The Year

Women's brand of the year 2018 for La Vie Skin Extremally Collagen and LVS Renew Hyaluronic Acid

Luxury Brand Of The Year

Luxury brand of the year 2020 - for the entire brand La Vie Skin

Beauty Diamonds

Beauty Diamonds 2018 for La Vie Skin Extremally Collagen 

Success Of The Year 2019

Success Of The Year 2019 for the entire brand La Vie Skin

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"... for women who highly value quality and research-proven innovation"

 “It’s really special brand”

“A brand that stands out in the market"

"La Vie Skin are definitely products for demanding and self-confident people"

"Comprehensive care and quick results"

"Comprehensive care for the needs of the skin at every stage"

"The La Vie Skin Beauty Institute adheres to a holistic philosophy of caring for both body and mind."

Plastic surgeon,
doctor of aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine

Piotr Ziajka, MD PhD

It’s a comprehensively developed formula that provides maximum day and night skin care. If you want to achieve an excellent result, I recommend taking unique food supplements that will complement your skin care from the inside out. I am a doctor, I value the scientific basis. La Vie Skin products are developed in the best laboratories. The results you get after treatment with La Vie Skin cosmetics and supplements are really spectacular.



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