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La Vie Skin

Our boutiques stand out not only in terms of luxurious designer interiors, but also include works of art by renowned artists, including Andrzej Fogtt, Szymon Chwalisz and Salvatore Luxe.

We have created a place where you can receive a consultation from our specialists on proper face and body care, buy La Vie Skin products and at the same time view paintings by world-renowned artists. The unusual concept of La Vie Skin has become known all over the world. This is a place where time flows much slower.

Our Awards

Women's Brand Of The Year

Luxury Brand Of The Year

Beauty Diamonds

Success Of The Year 2019

SAP Innovation Award 2017

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"... for women who highly value quality and research-proven innovation"

 “It’s really special brand”

“A brand that stands out in the market"

"La Vie Skin are definitely products for demanding and self-confident people"

"Comprehensive care and quick results"

"Comprehensive care for the needs of the skin at every stage"

"The La Vie Skin Beauty Institute adheres to a holistic philosophy of caring for both body and mind."

Meet the founder and history of the brand

La Vie Skin is a German brand and was founded in 2016 by Radomir Dawid Alejew, who ran a large business importing raw materials for cosmetics of the best quality. A close family member had an unfortunate accident and suffered extensive burns. Wound healing preparations did neither bring quick nor expected results. Mr. Alejew has joined forces with some of the best doctors in Europe who have extensive experience with burns, plastic reconstruction and skin regeneration. This is how the first serum with highly concentrated fish collagen was developed in a Swiss laboratory, which had amazing skin repairing effects. The La Vie Skin Therapy Extremely Collagen product has quickly become popular among people who want to firm the skin, regenerate expression lines and slow down the aging process.

Plastic surgeon,
Dr. in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine

Piotr Ziajka

The developed formulas of La Vie Skin cosmetics provide the skin with maximum care. For a perfect effect, I recommend their unique dietary supplements that complement the care effect from the inside. I am a doctor of medical sciences, 1 value scientific foundations. La Vie Skin products have been developed in the best laboratories, have undergone dermatological, allergy and quality tests. The effects that are obtained after treatment with La Vie Skin cosmetics and supplements are spectacular, and are additionally confirmed by certificates and awards. For me, as a doctor, this is very important. With a clear conscience, I recommend everyone to take care of their skin with the products of the German brand La Vie Skin.


Discover the innovative hyaluronic serum with the scent of sandalwood Hyaluronic Serum For Men. The active ingredient SIGN AL-10 contained in it is a small molecule of hyaluronic acid that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. In combination with the highly concentrated ingredient Hyalurosmooth® and LANOL 99, they provide the maximum dose of hydration, rebuild the skin structure and improve the oval of the face. This serum will help smooth fine lines, soothe irritations and give your skin a healthy glow.


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