La Vie Skin is a German brand founded in 2016 by Radomir Dawid Alejew, who ran a large business importing the best quality selected raw materials for cosmetics. A close family member had a tragic accident and suffered extensive burns. Unfortunately, wound healing preparations did not bring the expected results. After discussions with dermatologists and surgeons who have extensive knowledge about the skin regeneration process, and laboratory diagnosticians, Radomir Dawid Alejew decided to create a highly concentrated preparation that was supposed to quickly repair the skin after burns. This is how the first serum with fish collagen was developed in a Swiss laboratory, which brought phenomenal results.

As products supplementing skin regeneration in 2020, the La Vie Skin brand produced dietary supplements. The purpose of the supplements is to intensively regenerate the body from the inside, rebuild collagen, remove harmful toxins, moisturize and slow down the aging process.

Charity work

The La Vie Skin brand runs the Young Artist Charity Foundation, which supports the art of young artists from around the world. Every year, he organizes a charity gala with an auction of paintings, the funds from which are donated to sick children.

The true meaning of luxury

"When I created the first serum and saw how the skin regenerated after using it, I immediately told myself that I want to help people more in this way. I want to see the satisfaction on their faces and I will do my best to meet the expectations of the most demanding people. I am not a doctor, but my work and the people I met thanks to it allowed me to connect with the best specialists. I have had hundreds of conversations with plastic surgeons who have extensive experience in wound healing and the skin regeneration process. For example, Dr. Piotr Ziajka, who participated in the creation of one line of creams and treated soldiers during the war in Afghanistan. Several hundred people work on each product, putting a lot of work into clinical and dermatological research before the product reaches the customer's hands.

Our products have highly concentrated ingredients, hard to find on the market and highly appreciated for their actions. We have developed several new patented molecules whose penetration into the skin is much higher, which is why the effects are faster and longer lasting. Some serums, such as the Golden Elixir with 24k gold, took more than a year to produce, so their worldwide production is limited. I love life and I know how important it is to be healthy. That is why I have created cosmetics and dietary supplements that slow down the aging process and regenerate the body from the outside and from the inside.

I know that I am part of a very important project. A project that changes the understanding of the meaning of luxury. Our products are unique due to their patented composition, they are limited, they give spectacular effects, but most importantly - they rejuvenate the skin, give health and true joy."