Benefits of the rejuvenating and moisturizing face oil:

• Reduces and fills wrinkles
• Prevents dark spots
• It will brighten your skin, making it youthful and glowing
• Moisturizes deeply
• It has anti-inflammatory properties and thanks to that it regenerates damaged skin
• Firms the skin with a fast lifting effect

Precious gift from nature – a revolution in skin care!

Your skin needs extreme help to become firm, elastic and smooth? Choose our collagen oil. It is based on modern formulas that are rich in valuable plant extracts acting deeply and diversely. The product ensures immediate and lasting improvement in the appearance of your skin.

La Vie Skin – rejuvenating face oil which is perfect for all skin types. Regenerates and moisturizes. The skin becomes firm again and wrinkles are reduced. Use it daily or before an important occasion to create a firming effect.

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Active ingredients

COLLAGEN – is a building protein that has structural functions in all cells and tissues of the body. It makes the skin firmer and smoother. It reduces wrinkles, improves the shape of the face, makes the skin elastic and extremely smooth.

FISH COLLAGEN FORMULA – visibly moisturizes and makes the skin more elastic. Stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration as well as new cells.

LACTIC ACID – an organic component that gently smooths rough skin, perfectly brightens the skin and makes it even and glow.

ELASTIN – makes the skin smooth, firm and hydrated. Enables the formation of peptide bonds. Thanks to that the skin becomes firmer. It also soothes irritation and protects the skin from water loss.

Product description

A natural elixir of youth for demanding skin.

The cosmetic of the future! With unique ingredients of the highest quality and by making skincare a ritual, La Vie Skin’s luxury cosmetic the multi-active collagen serum (youth gene) will make your skin elastic and firm, your face lifted and all this without the use of a scalpel. With ingredients of the highest quality, La Vie Skin’s modern formula is a guarantee of comprehensive actions for the most demanding skin.

Do you want to be one of the exceptional customers who use La Vie Skin Pure Collagen Regeneration? Choose the elixir of beauty. La Vie Skin, using a unique method of finding ingredients, allows only limited production of a biologically pure product of the highest quality. This is confirmed by the fact that only 5,000 pieces of this remarkable oil are produced worldwide each year.

Disvover the advantages of the product


La Vie Skin luxury products are a combination of the highest quality ingredients necessary to achieve immediate results. Each product is filled with multi-active active ingredients and stem cells of raw materials that are precious on the market. All this to meet the expectations of the most demanding women and men.

Original formula

The extraordinary La Vie Skin formulas have been created with the knowledge of specialists from the best Swiss laboratories. Their ingredients have been developed by experienced nutrition and cosmetology experts. Thanks to that, our products positively influence not only your wellbeing, but also your skin and body.


La Vie Skin face cosmetics have a clean composition full of multi-active ingredients. Our products are laboratory tested and their effectiveness is confirmed by an independent consumer group. All this so that each product meets the highest expectations.


Each of our products is developed even for several years before it reaches your hands. All this to ensure high level of absorption. This is why our cosmetics are so effective.

Additional information

How to use the rejuvenating and moisturizing face oil?

A small amount of the oil should be applied to the face. Then you should pat in with your fingertips for several seconds – focus especially on the forehead and on the area around your eyes. Then apply it to the neck and neckline, gently patting.

How to keep it

After opening, store in the fridge.


Who is the rejuvenating oil designed for?

The serum has been produced for people who want their skin to be immediately moisturized and smooth. The product is designed for mature skin, but also people who want to stop the effect of skin aging at an earlier stage can use it.

How does the face oil work?

The rejuvenating oil contains a protein complex that stimulates stem cells to multiply rapidly and efficiently, visibly improving density and elasticity of the skin.

What does the oil contain?

Our moisturizing face oil contains a unique fish collagen formula which is responsible for deep, multi-level hydration and for keeping water in the inner layers of the epidermis.

How to use rejuvenating face oil?

Spread the oil on a cleansed face and then gently pat in. For best results, after the oil absorbs, it is recommended to apply a night cream.

How often apply the La Vie Skin oil?

In order to achieve plain to see results, the oil should be applied every evening on a cleansed face.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

The oil perfectly moisturizes, leaves the skin smooth. All imperfections heal faster. I always use it in my daily care


Продукт ok, я использую его всего несколько дней, поэтому мне трудно что-либо сказать.


Stosuję kilka dni, więc na razie efektów nie widać, ale olejek dostarczono błyskawicznie, w pięknym opakowaniu.


A unique preparation that beautifully rebuilds the skin. Smoothes wrinkles, brightens dark circles under the eyes, Lasts for about 2 months. I use it all the time, highly recommend


For now, it is difficult to assess, but certainly some positive changes are already slightly visible. I've been using it for two weeks.